Dry Ridge Roofing System Northeast

Our Dry Ridge Tile System requires no wet trade and can be quickly and easily installed by one person, rain or shine.

The interlocking system makes the tiles very easy to fit and, when completed, ensures an extremely secure finish.

A patented double comb prevents entry of wind-driven rain and birds, while a 4mm fly screen provides 5,000mm2/m of continuous ventilation into the roof space at ridge level.

The textured concrete finish, available in Slate Grey, Dark Brown and Terracotta, is virtually indistinguishable from traditional clay and concrete tiles.

Roll-Out Dry Ridge is a fitted system which securely fixes to the standard clay/concrete ridge tiles of a roof, protecting them from wind up-lift and rain penetration.
The system is dry fix, removing the need to use messy and time consuming mortar.

  • Suits all common roof coverings such as slates, profile tiles and non-profile tiles
  • Suitable for roofs of 15° – 55° pitch
  • Secures the ridge of the roof, preventing wind uplift problems
  • Manufactured from a robust uPVC material
  • Prevents entry of birds and large insects
  • Easy to fix and maintenance free
  • Provides the equivalent of 5,000mm2/m ventilation, the equivalent of continuous 5mm gap