Roof Repair Work in Birtley

We were recently asked to undertake some repairs to an old slate roof in Birtley. The customer has problems with water leaking in to his property. With some new cement work and replacing cracked and missing slates we were able to sort the problem out quickly and efficiently!

Another satisfied customer.

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Tesla Solar Roofs

Back in October 2016 Tesla announced a brand new product. A glass roofing tile, made to look like traditional building materials but with ability to generate electricity via solar cells embedded in the tile.

Although prices have yet to released the company have stated that the cost would be less than the cost of a traditional roof plus electricity.

Tesla are now accepting pre-orders on their site with installation scheduled to commence in the UK next year.

For more information visit the Tesla website.

Green Roof Guide

Example of Green Roof on Modern Building

A Green Roof or Living Roof is a roof on which vegetation is intentionally grown or habitats for certain wildlife are established. Green roofs are becoming a increasing popular choice in the UK mainly on commercial buildings however some homeowners are beginning to see green roofs as a preferred alternative to more traditional roofing systems.  Green roofs can be extensive – implying shallow substrate depths and load nutrition, through to intensive – which can be similar to roof gardens.

The environmental advantages of green roofs include:

  • Providing Green Space
  • Reduce Urban Heat Islands Effects
  • Provide a wildlife habitat
  • Capture Carbon
  • Capture Rainwater and reduce rainwater surge
  • Provide insulation

There are many green roofing systems on the market which can be installed on most flat or low pitch roofs, some systems can be installed up to 20 degrees pitch with suitable retention measures in place.

A typical system consists of:

  • Root resistant material
  • Moisture retention/protection layer
  • Drainage layer
  • Filter layer
  • Growing medium
  • Vegetation Layer

A Green roof can provide an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative for your property.  Although consideration must be given to the weight of the new roof and the load bearing capacity of the structure there are usually suitable options available for most properties.  If you’d like to discuss green roof options just give us a call on 0191 388 2277 or contact us here.


Woodlea School Felt Roof Project

We recently won a contract with Woodlea Primary School in County Durham to overhaul their existing felt roof to the kitchen. The roof was in a poor condition and needed urgent attention. Our team worked through half term week, stripping the existing roof, replacing any rotten or damaged boards and using Anderson SBS torch on underlay and charcoal top felt to completely renew the roof in time for the children returning from their half term break. We think the finished project looks fantastic.

Felt Roof by Orchard Roofing



Felt Roof by Orchard Roofing

Felt Roof by Orchard Roofing

Felt Roof by Orchard Roofing

Felt Roof by Orchard Roofing

Felt Roof by Orchard Roofing

Felt Roof by Orchard Roofing


Winter is coming. Time to clean the gutters!

Gutter cleaning in Chester-le-Street Gutter cleaning and inspection is an essential part of regular household maintenance. Well fitted and well maintained gutters are essential to keep your home in good condition. Guttering allows to the water to flow easily away from the roof and away from the brick work preventing water getting in under the roof which can cause internal damage. Good guttering also serves to prevent possible erosion of your brickwork.

As gutters work so well, most people don’t think about them. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems. As we approach the the winter months it’s worth checking that your gutters are in good shape and are not blocked up.

Gutters are particularly important when the snow comes as without well maintained guttering there’ll be no where for the snow to go when it melts!

Luckily maintaining your guttering is pretty simple.

Some things to look out for:

1. Loose or sagging guttering. Visually inspect the clips that hold your gutters in place. Make sure they aren’t worn, damaged or missing. This can cause your gutters to sag leading to stress on the joints, leaks and potentially the collapse of your guttering. We can replace any missing joints or clips for you. Sagging guttering can also be a result of debris build up in the gutters causing excessive weight and stress on the system. It’s important to clean out the interior of your gutters regularly.

2. Drips and leaks. Cracks, worn seals and disjointed guttering can all cause leaks. If these aren’t repaired the volume of water can, over time, cause issues with erosion, leading to damp and other problems. Drips in your guttering should not be ignored. Give us a call and we’d be happy to investigate.

3. Standing Water whilst a small ammount of standing water is not uncommon large volumes of standing water in your gutters is a sign that either the system is blocked or is not correctly set to allow the water to drain away. Standing water will eventually back up and can get under the tiles leading to water ingress in to your property. If you notice large volumes of standing water in your gutters, just let us know and we’ll take a look.

We offer a gutter cleaning service in which we’ll also inspect the integrity of your guttering to ensure your won’t have any problems come winter. Just get in touch on 0191 388 2277 if you’d like a quote.